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Empowered Investor Pro is a community of income property investors laden with high-level knowledge of investing’s best practices. Experience is the best teacher in life and we have some of the most experienced income property investors in the game. 

In our Empowered Investor Pro community, you’ll learn how to thrive in inflationary times.

Here’s what you will learn and how you will profit from joining today:

– Wealth-building tips and tricks to defeat inflation

– Learn how to maximize profits and minimize taxes

– Learn which markets make the most sense for your portfolio

– Learn advanced asset protection and income property financing strategies

– Access to our team of Investment Counselors to help answer all of your questions

In inflationary and recessionary times, it pays to be in top-tier investing networks.

As a bonus, you can claim your FREE Property Tracker account here! Our web-based Property Tracker program will help you self-manage all of the income, expenses, and documents that are essential for administering your income property portfolio.

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Imagine This...

You’ve got an investment property. It’s delivering income every month. 

It’s appreciating nicely. Taxes are low. Life is good. Then suddenly you have some maintenance issues.  The bathtub needs to be refinished. Or the electrical outlets in the kitchen stop working.

No big deal, right? The property manager should take care of it.

You're Not Alone

But now imagine if you could eliminate that self-doubt. Imagine if you had access to dozens of other successful investors in your market? 

Imagine if you had vetted referrals of the best roofers and painters...who work with investors... for ALL of your markets!

But now imagine if you could eliminate that self-doubt. Imagine if you had access to dozens of other successful investors in your market? 

Imagine if you had vetted lists of the best roofers and painters...who work with investors... for every one of your markets?

 Imagine if you had access to an entire team of experienced income property investors? What if you even prepared for this, knowing exactly how to prevent these problems from happening in the first place? 

This is not something you need only imagine. You can get it inside Jason Hartman’s brand new "Empowered Investor Pro" community.

The Missing Ingredient

At, we do a lot of work for our clients in advance.

We find the right markets. We help you see why income property is the best asset class.

We bring you investment counselors to help you build a portfolio and get the most profitable deals.

We help you build a portfolio of properties.

And our investors prosper.

But all investments have challenges. Property managers can get lazy. Good contractors can be hard to find. A bad tenant can cost you thousands of dollars. A prolonged vacancy can depress your spirit.

Now you get immediate support from our team when that happens. But what if we could prevent it from happening in the first place?

What if you had the tools and guidance to manage your properties... with minimal time and effort? What if you could keep tenants longer? And find new tenants more quickly?

Then you would save tens of thousands of dollars over the years. You would add to the value of your properties with your increased cashflow. You could potentially cut your expenses by 25 percent.

This group equips you to do just that. You may still use property managers. But you would not have to rely on them. You would know what they are doing and not let them keep secrets from you.

See,this empowered investor is a direct response to the experiences of our clients. You asked for a way to use the resources and connections Jason has built in 35 years of investing.

And that’s what we have created….and much more.

In our Empowered Investor community, you will get real advice Jason can’t say on the podcast...

You will get access to his network of friends, entrepreneurs and investors. You will hear from his most successful clients. You will see how they manage their properties.

And you will get to know other investors in your markets, finding new opportunities and networks to control your investments. This community will become another asset in your portfolio.

It gets even better. You will have access under our master subscriptions to the best-of-breed real estate software.

These tools will help you manage your properties, monitor cashflow more closely, and hold your managers accountable. And, you would maximize your investment!

Meet Drew Baker:

Drew is an old friend of Jason’s in Orange County. He purchased a few investment properties back in 2010 and 2011. 

He enjoyed the rent checks as he went about his busy job and family life.

But then Drew had a five-month vacancy in one Indianapolis property. He couldn’t figure out why.

It was a beautiful three-bedroom two-bath house. Finally, he looked into it and realized the property manager had been marketing it as a studio apartment. 

And they hadn’t even returned calls of people interested in it.

Drew immediately fired the property manager and hired a leasing agent, who found a tenant within one day!

Multiples applicants wanted it, and he rented it for higher than the listed price.

Drew decided to manage the property himself, and realized how much money he was saving. He solved problems in a day the property manager claimed took months.

It was like booking an airline ticket. In the time it would take to call a travel agent and tell them where you wanted to go and at what times, you could book it yourself online. Drew found the same thing was true in property management.

He also saved money in simple ways. He charged tenants for unjustified maintenance requests the property manager had previously charged him. He hired contractors without the mark-up fees charged by property managers.

He even turned tenants into his allies and partners, asking the tenant to replace the air filters instead of having a service visit for $95. Most tenants gladly did so, and Drew sent him the air filters via Amazon!

Save Time and Money!

You might think all of this takes too much time.

You’re busy. Didn’t you invest with Jason to save you time?

But it turns out the opposite is true. Taking control saves time in the long run because you are putting systems in place and outsourcing efficiently.

You are cutting out a third party and working directly with your customer.

It saves money and builds trust.

You are using the technology for its intended purpose: saving time and money.

In our Empowered Investor Pro forum, we show you exactly how to do this. Drew is one of our in-house experts, along with dozens of other successful investors.

By now you recognize that income property is the single best investment. You get cash flow, appreciation, inflation protection and tax benefits.

Jason started teaching this approach and bringing it to the wider public in the early 2000's.

He has helped thousands of investors become financially independent.

But the biggest pain has always been property management.

This empowered investor community is the solution we have been waiting for.

What you learn here, even if you have one property, can easily save over $2,000 a year. Your management costs go down. You have fewer tenant turnovers.

(Drew, as of this writing, has had tenants for five years, seven years, and three years.)

And then you can use the money you save to improve your properties, increase rents, and purchase even more. If you have multiple properties, the returns multiply.

It is for those of us who truly want to learn from the best minds in real estate. It is for those of us who care enough about our investments to keep learning and growing. 

This is for those of us who want to speed up our journey to financial independence!